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Amateur Radio Repeater

This is the website for the W3LHU Amateur Repeater system located near Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. This repeater is open to any amateur operator with a valid amateur license.

The W3LHU repeater serves Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, USA and the surrounding area.  It is linked to the Bald Eagle Amateur Repeater system (KB3HLL) providing repeater coverage across a large section of Central Pennsylvania.

The basic information needed to access the repeater is as follows:

Frequency (repeater output): 146.475MHz
Offset: +1MHz (repeater input 147.475MHz)
PL: 173.8Hz (CTCSS)
The repeater transmits with a PL of 173.8Hz as well, so it is recommended to set your tone squelch to 173.8Hz.

This repeater is a DMR digital/analog hybrid system.  TS1/TG9 is local DMR traffic and can also be used to connect to other DMR nodes via the Brandmeister network.  TS2/TG2 is statically connected to the Bald Eagle Amateur Repeater Association network and is simulcast across all BERA nodes on TS2/TG2.  The Brandmeister ID for the repeater is 314232.  Analog communications are local to this repeater only and not linked to the BERA or other systems, and may be accessed as shown above.

This repeater is managed by W3LHU (Boise Miller) and follows all rules and procedures as related to net operations of the KB3HLL system.  It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the KB3HLL system and the procedures related to SkyWarn emergency nets, the weekly SkyWarn test net conducted at 1930 every Thursday and the weekly Wide Area Repeater System net conducted at 2100 on every Sunday.

For more information on the technical details of this repeater and its coverage, please click on the "About" link at the top of the page.  For more information on the Bald Eagle Amateur Repeater Association and its linked repeater system, please click on the "KB3HLL" link at the top of the page.

Boise (Bo) Miller