This system is linked to the following repeater systems via DMR in digital mode only and works at all times across all systems (except if any of these systems happen to be offline):

  • Bald Eagle Amateur Repeater Association (KB3HLL) -
  • Any Brandmeister system connected on demand through DMR

To access the receiver, please use a receive frequency of 146.475MHz with a +1MHz offset and a PL tone of 173.8Hz. This will give you access to the W3LHU repeater and all linked systems.  The repeater can also be accessed remotely through the Brandmeister DMR network through any connected node with an ID of 314232.

This system participates in the following scheduled and emergency nets on the BERA system (in the event that these nets may be conducted using digital modes - currently they are conducted using analog only on the BERA .09 system only, however TS2/TG2 silence is preferred while these nets are in process as linked digital communication is disruptive to them):

Coverage - This system provides stand-alone coverage to the following area:

When linked to the BERA/KB3HLL system via DMR, the entire coverage footprint is:

The W3LHU Repeater is located atop Bald Eagle Mountain near Castanea (Lock Haven), Pennsylvania at 41°7'12"N 77°24'23"W at 1778' AMSL.  The primary repeater antenna is an omni positioned at 85' AGL on a self-supporting tower primarily employed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for microwave relay and River Valley Internet for Wireless ISP operations.

Equipment used by this repeater includes the following:

  • 1x Hytera RD982 DMR Hybrid Repeater
  • 1x Diamond X50 primary VHF repeater antenna,  4.5dBi gain, omni
  • 1x Wacom 4-cavity BpBr circuit duplexer
  • Antenna Feedlines are LMR-1200 with LMR-400 jumpers
  • Power backup is 1 TrippLite 120V UPS and 1 Cummins propane generator

The W3LHU Repeater

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